These devices are marvellous, aren’t they? Their usefulness to forecasters as an observational aid is rivalled only by the opportunities they present for sheer escapism.

They are a particular aid to now-casting for winter road clients. Is it snowing at that site yet? We can wait to see how the road surface temperature sensor reacts but let’s take a look at the camera first.


Nope. Beautiful view, though. Which brings me to the second point: with a bit of a time to spare, why not travel the world in webcams? I miss San Francisco, which is probably why my favourite is at the Lawrence Hall of Science in the Berkeley Hills, overlooking  San Francisco Bay.

There’s a timelapse of the previous day, too; but most worth looking at are the few held in the archive.


And now, back in Cumbria, it has snowed; and been ploughed already: